What are Governing Documents?

The Meadowwood Vistas Homeowners Association (MV HOA) is governed by a chain of documents and laws. Below are some definitions (HOA-USA Washington) of what these documents are and what their purpose is.

  • The Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State and provide the legal basis of the association as an Incorporated Non-Profit Corporation.
  • The recorded map or 'plat' defines each owner's title to property including the association's title to common areas and show the location of easements.
  • The CC&R's (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) are publicly recorded deed restrictions (restrictions that can limit the way in which a property can be used). *An association may amend or restate its CC&R's to reflect changes in the law, to address circumstances in the development that may not have existed when it was originally formed, or to modify the rights and responsibilities of the association and its members. The requirements for amending the CC&R's are found within the CC&R's.
  • The Bylaws are the rules for management and administration of the HOA.
  • Resolutions are additional rules and regulations that the association may adopt.
NOTE: We have 3 Additions to our Meadowwood Vistas subdivision (First, Second, and Third Additions) and each  addition has CC&R's as well as amendments to those CC&R's. On this website, you can access our HOA's CC&R's, Bylaws and Resolutions by clicking the "Governing Documents" on the menu to the left.

Want more information? Here's a link to the Washington State Laws governing Homeowners Associations: Chapter 64.38 RCW: Homeowners Associations.

Plat Maps: Need a copy of the Plat Map your property is in? Click here!