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A Special ‘Thank You’ to Former Board Member, Doug Nickerson

The Meadowwood Vistas Homeowners Association would like to thank Doug Nickerson for his service on the Board of Directors. Doug joined the Board of Directors in March of 2015. He would often joke that he was the representative from the “East Side, ” as he was instrumental in keeping the board informed of potential concerns that would affect his neighbors at the east end of Broadway.

Although Doug had to recently resign from the board in order to attend to some health concerns, his involvement as a board member was of great value to our community. Doug was an active part of the CC&R Review Committee and he was very helpful regarding the completion of the perimeter fence surrounding our subdivision. So, as you drive along Country Vista to turn into Meadowwood Vistas from Swing or Eagle Street take a moment to notice the nice clean lines of the perimeter fence that has greatly improved the cohesive look of our subdivision. And please remember to offer a silent ‘thanks’ to Doug who donated his time and energy towards keeping up the integrity of our neighborhood.

On August 5, 2016, Hilary Hoffman was appointed to the Board of Directors to fill this vacated position.

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